If i host my dapp on Netlify, can i still use Moralis Dashboard?

If i host my dapp(which i used React-Moralis) on Netlify, can i still use Moralis Dashboard&Database?

yes, you can use the dashboard and database, you will host only the front end

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Cool but i donโ€™t understand how do i input Moralis api key and secret on Netlify for production.
Is there any tutorial? Thanks.

I thought that you are using only an interface and in that care you only use the server url and app id in order to be able to connect to the server.


Use Netlify environment variables; you set this up per app/site in the settings. Works exactly the same way as the .env file and process.env (donโ€™t have to change your code), theyโ€™re just in Netlify instead.

Build environment variables | Netlify Docs

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