Icons in Docs page make things look cluttered

Just some feedback on recent changes to the visual experience in the Docs page https://docs.moralis.io/

I think the Docs page used to look very nice before the introduction of icons (when the menu items were just plain text)

With the new icons:

  • It feels very cluttered
  • I find it hard for my eyes to navigate around and find what i want.
  • The indentation of nested menu items just feels wrong (the text has less indenatation than the parent text)

Some suggested improvements:

  1. Going back to plain text (I think it looked very pretty the way it was before)
  2. Minimalist, Monochromatic Icons
    • Too many colors, shading and details makes it look cluttered. There is just too much visual information, which also distracts the eyes from the text.
  3. Icons with consistent square shape/background/border. If the icons form a consistent edge vertically, then it guides the eyes more easily to find the relevant sections.
  4. The text of subsections should appear indented relative to the text of the parent section.
    • This is a more natural way to guide the eyes to immediately understand which parts are subsections.
  5. Or, alternatively, the subsections could be a different background color, if adding too much indentation would lead to the text wrapping around too much.

Hi @bobbington

Thank you for your feedback. We will consider your idea.

Emojis create associations and this allows you to quickly find the needed topic