Ico launch on binance

Hello again, tell me if I want to make a website to sell my tokens, in the form of ico, I can have a hand?

If there is already an example that I can look at so that I can make it, that you have tested that it doesn’t have a backdoor inside, where I can put the price of the token at a given period and when the period is over, I can launch another price, like launching an ico in fact. thanks for helping me

It totally depends on you and your mission. The best way to get started, build your whitepaper and explain about your project (talk to yourself), on how you can convince people to buy your product, doesn’t have to be 12-50 pages long, one or two should be enough, just be truthful with yourself.

I am assuming you can use HTML and CSS, then start your basic landing page with all your information.

Build your contract and deploy it to binance (or your preferred chain). Add liquidity of at least 50 BNB to show your truthfulness about your project. Before, you go live, make sure your token is not honeypot and test it live with a few transactions so people can trust you. Once this is done, apply for logo and social media accounts to be added to your binance profile and link it to your website. Finally, test your efforts with a marketing company to promote your product.

For ICO, it’s optional, and it’s your efforts to promote and bring investors to the table. You can look for a successful ICO project and copy what they did, nothing wrong with that except your own mission. Good luck!



@Cedro I agree on your comment