I want to start 2 service public a database how to do

i want use 2 service, 1 Front-end ,1 admin , how to do public a database.
Because the current deployment can only deploy a service

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can you give more details? I donโ€™t understand exactly what you need

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I used the CLI deployment instruction to deploy a service https://xxx.usemoralis.com/
Now I want to continue to deploy the management background website to view database data, similar to adminxxxx.usemoralis.com


two sites request the same database

How to create two websites in a Server server, or share the same database in two servers

you canโ€™t do that now, at least not with static hosting, you could deploy both sites to the same domain, and access them with different urls, like https://xxx.usemoralis.com/ and https://xxx.usemoralis.com/admin

Will it be supported ?multiple services shared a database

How to deploy two sites to the same domain

you put them in the same folder and you deploy the folder

it doesnโ€™t depend where you deploy them, you can use same Moralis Server url on different websites