I want the file 'main.js" from the video (Minting and Selling NFTs Without Paying Gas Fees! NFT Minter Programming Tutorial) on youtube channel (Moralis Web3)

hello frends , i need the file "main.js "
Just like in the video

i tryed to that file, These two files are uploaded on gitHub , But there were many changes in the video, and I am not a professional programmer, and I did not learn the Javascript language

So I need that file like what is in the video (just like at the end of the video)

I hope someone can help me and give me this file

i talking about this video

The main.js on GitHub seems mostly the same as the one shown in the end of that video except for slight changes like using res.data.result.tokenAddress directly instead of storing it in let token_address.

It is best you learn basic JavaScript first and then you can go through that tutorial. This is a course you can look at or you can look at one of the many others available online.