I think there is a problem with moralis walletconnect or maybe am not doing something right

My app works fine on an ethereum enabled browser but when am on a non ethereum browser and connect to my mobile wallet with wallet connect it doesnt show any confirmation messages for my smart contract calls

Let me check and get back to you on this.

Thank you for your patience.

Do you get this dialogue? –

Upon clicking on MetaMask, it took me to metamask for executing the transaction. This is how it would look like –

Let us know if this is what you see on your non-ethereum browser.

I also tried to integrate Walletconnect as well as Portis and Torus, but all fail, the last 2 at the authentication step (How to authenticate / signin with Portis and Torus wallets)

Walletconnect kinda works, but only just after logging in. It looses connection to the app fast and when I go to another page after logging in the contract calls don’t trigger the mobile wallet, because the connection is lost. So that might be the problem you also face. I have to look into how to maintain or regain the connection from app to wallet via Walletconnect.

yes it connects but no contract call works at all i think @matiyin has rightly explained it

I’m testing this issue now

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sir please any update?

I will let you know when it is fixed or send you the solution. It takes some more time to solve the issue :smile:


Could you provide more details? (address, methods, code etc.). We need to know the steps for reproducing the error

@collinskrubu I guess that solution can help you Send transactions and bsc mainnet/testnet transactions

Step one: GO to a non ethereum browser
2: Connect with wallet connect
3: try to call a contract
4: it does not work

i also tried what you gave in the link it still doesnt work
I taught you tested it on your own side

The only time it works is when am using it in a wallet dapp like alpha wallet

but doesnt work on meta mask

Do you mean it doesn’t work with Metamask if you use it from WalletConnect?

yes sir , i doesnt work

Thank you. I’ll let you know when it gets fixed.

Hi did you found a solution for this ?
Because I’m creating an NFT marketplace on moralis.
But the major issue I’m facing is calling contract send methods.
Only approve seem to work . Other than that signature or any other method doesn’t work on wallet connect mobile

Hi @ZainHasan

It’s already fixed. Do you still have this bug on the latest versions?

What do you mean? Please provide us more info

I have done the enable Web3 for both desktop and WallectConnect. Now the issue is that When I trigger Contract Methods Like Sell NFT or Auction or creating a signature(web.eth.personal). It first gives option among wallets and on opening it just waits there no transaction pops up. Also Approve method comes atonce but I have written signature inside of Approve but that doesnt works as well. After Approve is done it doesnt returns to browser for further progress. Any solutions ?

Im using moralis “0.0.109”,