İ need some help

Hi there i am newbie in this nft stuff.i try nft boilerplate and i need to help about

Locate the MoralisDappProvider in src/providers/MoralisDappProvider/MoralisDappProvider.js and paste the deployed marketplace smart contract address and ABI
what doest it mean? i cant make any transcation on boilerplate how can i fix this.

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Hey @zaylak

You need to add a const with contract ABI

After you deploy the contract you will be able to get its ABI in build folder with .json format.

Is your problem get solves i was having same issue and me too newbie.

Hey @Sporer @zaylak

Please follow all tutorial steps. Here is the exact time where it was explained how to add them https://youtu.be/WZWCzsB1xUE?t=3002

Hi Yomoo,

Where is the contract’s ABI located? I know where to paste it in the MoralisDappProvider.js but I can’t seem to find the file you copied and pasted in the video.

Thanks for your help.

I figured it out. I grabbed the smart contract under src / contracts - then used Remix to deploy it
grabbed the contract address and abi from there and pasted into MoralisDappProvider.js -hope this helps someone.

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