I need help quick, willing to pay 10 Dollars in SOL for the solution :D

I want to create an NFT gated website for this one community. But they created the ERC1155 Tokens using the Opensea shared storefront. So the tokens do not have an unique contract address, only an unique Token ID.

I want to create a website with content that is accessible only if the user has the NFTs. I can manage the wallet connection, but I need help with the system that makes sure the wallet holds the NFTs with the Token IDs.

Shall be only a couple lines of code, maybe an array with the Token IDs. Any help will be really appreciated, thank you :heart:

I see Moralis API has a function for getting the owners by token ID, but I do not know how to get it working on my website

one of this function may help you:


Thank you, at first I wanted to pay someone for creating the solution for me, But there are no shortcuts in learning programming