I need help please for my hacked wallet metamask :(!

Hi Moralis family,

My name is Osman, I live in Turkey and I am a software engineering student.

I registered here to solve a problem that happened to me.

About 2 months ago, I had the 12-word password of my metamask wallet stolen.

I was receiving rewards on certain dates for the tokens I had previously staked in my account.

The thief, by acting before me when these award dates come, steals the tokens that I will receive as a reward by using contracts and similar structures and continues to steal.

I was thinking of working with Moralis and Web3js on a structure to be able to withdraw my tokens to a secure wallet before the thief, but I am new to the world of web3js and blockchain.

How can I do a transaction very quickly without getting stuck on gas fee?

I need a project that can do a sweep, burn and transfer tokens very quickly, I would be very grateful if you could give me a way and support to do this.

I’m in a difficult situation right now.

Thank you from now.

usually to make a transaction faster your will have to use a high gas fee, you can make that transaction directly from metamask too

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Yes, you’re right, but the hacker starts the transfer process while the ERC20 tokens are still in the wallet hacker so faster because this manuel operation is not effective ./

Is transfer() or faster transferFrom() ?

I mean, would an authorized process help in this regard?

it may not depend on the function used, but on who uses it first

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Is there a better way to work this out?

in theory you could make a program that sends the transaction automatically exactly when some event happens

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yes I did, I prepared a program that sends auto-signed transactions using web3, but it cannot be said that it works very well, optimization is required and I am new to topics such as nodejs, web3, etherium network, I cannot write very optimized code in these areas. Can you help me for optimization and editing if I share my code?

Also, do you think it would be correct to write my code with moralis or will web3 work faster? I’m asking because the library and additional structures in between

for your case you may want to use directly web3

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Do you have a chance to help with the optimization of the codes?

I can not really help with that, what do you want to optimise in particular (you may not need to optimise everything)?

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Since I am new to web3 and nodejs, I was going to ask you to check if there is an error in the code algorithmically, the code is ready and working, but I think some optimization is needed in the gas fee account and when the transfer process should be activated and what should be done in case of an explosion in the code. You can access the code about what it should do here:


it looks like you already have the needed code to make that transaction, you may need to test it more, you can also increase the gas price if you think that you want that transfer to go even faster

on what network you want to make that transfer?

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MAINNET ETH network, yes I wrote this program, but it does not work very effectively, I would be very grateful if you could overhaul the visible missing and faulty codes and edit the function structure in order to reduce the complexity.

on mainnet eth the gas price can vary a lot from minute to minute, you should also take that in consideration

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