I got error while transferring ERC20 token

This is my code for transferring the LINK in chainlink.

string EIPTransferTokenABI = "[{\"constant\":true,\"inputs\":[{\"name\":\"_to\",\"type\":\"address\"},{\"name\":\"_value\",\"type\":\"uint256\"}],\"name\":\"transfer\",\"outputs\":[{\"name\":\"success\",\"type\":\"bool\"}],\"payable\":false,\"stateMutability\":\"nonpayable\",\"type\":\"function\"}]";
         // change the contract address to transfer different tokens
        string DAIContractAddress = "0x01BE23585060835E02B77ef475b0Cc51aA1e0709"; //Chainlink contract link
        string FunctioName = "transfer";
        string receiverAddress = "0x43F44Fa7842dED402Fd098e80a04D8BFc5997Ea1";
        BigInteger DAIInWei = UnitConversion.Convert.ToWei(1.5, 18);
        // params - toAddress, amount
       object[] inputParams = { receiverAddress, DAIInWei };
        HexBigInteger value = new HexBigInteger("0");
        HexBigInteger gas = new HexBigInteger("800000");
        HexBigInteger gasprice = new HexBigInteger("230000");
            string result = await Moralis.ExecuteContractFunction(contractAddress: DAIContractAddress, abi: EIPTransferTokenABI, functionName: FunctioName, args: inputParams, value: value, gas: gas, gasPrice: gasprice);
            Debug.Log("Txhash :" + result);

It is working, but got one error.

This is in a normal browser with MetaMask extension?
Can you try with hardcoded values directly and without specifying the gas related prices?

I am directly confirming from the UNITY 3d and a popup is showing up in Mobile Metamask. But i cannot apporve that transfer

I remember a similar thread by having similar issues on mobile. Can you try to use ethers or web3 directly to make that transfer?

inside the C# code? I donโ€™t know the code. can you give link

I donโ€™t know how it would work in C#.

On what chain is this transfer done? can you try on a different chain?

ok trying

if i crease value 0 to 1

the transaction was executed, it failed on execution time

let me send picture

no need to send a picture, you have to check why that transaction failed

as you can see there has 0 in value. And because of that i cannot confirm.
But if i change it to 1 then i can confirm

The issue may be a different one, even if you were able to send that transaction, it failed on execution

Letโ€™s pause this issue for now.
Do, you know how can i make authenticate system with email link?

you can start a new thread for this question