I don't see the Bnb balance

Hi to all.
I am new of Moralis.

I am just using Moralis. I followed your tutorial. I uploaded the index.html file. logic.js (putting my url and application id in it) styles.css on a server. When I connect with my meta mask, I see the Eth balance, but I don’t see the Bnb balance.

Because ?

you may have to get that BNB balance somehow

Are you by any chance not connecting you wallet on BNB?

I don’t know I followed all the instructions suggested in the tutorial.

The strange thing is that I see the balance of ETH and the balance of Matic (which for the sake of clarification is zero because I don’t have Eth or Matic) but I don’t see that of Bnb (which is instead present)

The wallet is connected to the BNB Smart Chain

I see, I think it’s a bit difficult to deduce with just some explanations, can you give us some of the code?

You are very kind to answer me.
The codes I used are those of the tutorial

Based on what I saw here

 ​await​ ​displayTokens​(​"bsc"​,​ ​"BNB"​,​ ​"0xbb4CdB9CBd36B01bD1cBaEBF2De08d9173bc095c"​,​ ​18​,​"BscTokenBalance"​,​ ​"BscBalance"​,​ ​"bscTab"​)​;

looks like the address is hardcoded and you might need to change it to yours :raised_hands:

I believe this should also be the case with the other inputs for other chains too