I CLONED RARIBLE IN 24H - Minting NFTs [PART 7], how use ganache proxy server

I have been following the videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiw95uyOiN0). Next step is to use Ganache Proxy Server

but my “view details” moralis.io on shows

so there is no Ganache Proxy Server.
Any recommendations?

The video says “To follow along you need a Moralis SDK which you can get here: https://moralis.io”, but I am lost on many parts on how to do that, including regarding the frpc.ini:
server_addr =
server_port = 7000

type = tcp
local_ip =
local_port = 22
remote_port = 6000

currently (wrongly?) located in the project folder:

There will be a proxy server tab only when you have a dev server. It will now show for a testnet or mainnet server.

Thank you, I managed to get to the end of the [PART 7] except for one line of code!
I really tried to sort out the last bit (hours), but failed.
Do I ask here or make a new post?

you can make a new forum post for a new question

Login to server failed :dial tcp