I am stuck on my first app

My browser console says: Could not verify SDK version that means my api and server credentials are not authorized or verified. Is there anyone who has the same issue before? How could i get rid out of this?

You may be on Firefox, in that case you can try on another browser or you could ignore that message, it only tries to verify current Moralis SDK version.

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@cryptokid Exactly i am using firefox, oh let me try it with other browser, but as i am a linux user i love to work with firefox, chrome freezes my computer so i dont like chrome specially from my linux machine.

It should work fine in Firefox, you can ignore that error and the rest of the functionality should work fine

Thats correct but look at the screenshots its messy too much error showing in red color

Yes, I know about this problem with those errors.

okay if possible fix it. thank you for your quick support.