I am not able to post on discord and Even channel is not visible to me

here is an image please help

I think that you have to click on that emoji after you read the rules

thanks got it have to click on that very
small :woman_mage: icon at the bottom

Hi, i am trying to join the discord group with the link provided by the moralis website via email. it says the link is not valid. how to join discord group.

Hi @rrk1!

Can you please forward me the email you received, to my email [email protected] ?

I want to make sure that we’re not missing anything. Then I’ll make sure that you receive the invite

Thank you

Thanks for the forward @rrk1.

Everything looks good to me. You can join here with direct link - https://discord.gg/36vf2V3Y

Thanks again! :slight_smile: