How would you describe a Moralis tech stack

In Web2 development we have stacks such as the MERN stack. However developing using the Moralis docs does not utilise the likes of Express and NodeJs on the back end.

While using react and Moralis would the stack be along the lines of
Moralis again since Nodejs is not being used?

Unsure how to describe the default tech stack that comes with react-moralis applications.

Moralis is the middleware between your frontend app and blockchain. So the actual database of your dapp will be blockchain if you are comparing with the MERN stack.

I think these videos cover your questions.
What is Moralis
Web3Tech Stack 2022

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Thanks for the reply, Just curious would their be any element of this considered as the backend to the application ? Since NodeJS would be the backend in a MERN. Seems like bad practice to not have a proper backend hence why I thought Moralis may also be considered as a backend.

EDIT: In the first video Moralis is described as a serverless option for deploying applications. Would it be safe to consider it as both backend and middleware due to Moralis handling alot of the work NodeJS would be responsible for other wise ?

Yes. Moralis can also be used to store you app/user data, run cloud function, create webhooks etc… So yeah it can replace backend as in web2 app and also be used as middleware as in web3 dapps.

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Moralis is an infrastructure provider or backend as a service like Firebase. You’re right, if someone asked you the tech stack for your project you probably wouldn’t say React, Express, Firebase/Moralis.

You’ll need to find out more about Moralis’s tech beneath the scenes to clarify things for you to help describe a project’s stack if it uses Moralis. For example Moralis uses MongoDB.

Even with Moralis however, you should still be using your own backend/Node in some way eventually to keep things like database operations out of your frontend. They have a moralis/node package for this.