How to use walletAddress instead of the static token address to create collection

Am faced with the possibility of grouping nft based on the wallet address in the moralis database and thereby fetch from the database based on the wallet address to form users collection. How is this possible with the tutorial provided on cloning opensea??
Is this possible and what hint can be provided to get this done??


I didnโ€™t understand what you need, can you provide more context?

The tutorial on cloning opensea only provide static token address used to supply the data for explore market page (collection), am trying to get this done dynamically I.e. am thinking of fetching out data from the BscNFTOwners class using โ€œowner_ofโ€ column in place of the token address used in the tutorial so that I can group nfts files based on the wallet address from which they are minted and not on the token address.

Is this practice possible ??

in particular BscNFTOwners table will not be available in a nitro server

you can get the list of NFTs for a user with web3api and from there to get the list of token addresses

Thank you for the quick response
What am saying is this, minting from my smart contract produces only one token address for all users, so itโ€™s putting all users nfts under one token address, so I want to fetch out the nfts using wallet Address instead of the token address so I can have list of collection

I hope you understand my point?

does this help:

Alright, I will check it now, thanks