How to use it ' Moralis.Query.and '

There are two fields to query: nftType and tokenId
The code looks like this, but there’s no data

    const queryNftType = new Moralis.Query("MarketBuyEvents");
    const queryTokenId = new Moralis.Query("MarketBuyEvents");
    queryNftType.equalTo("nftType", nftType);
    queryTokenId.equalTo("tokenId", tokenId);

    const queryMain = Moralis.Query.and(
    const results = await queryMain.find()

Did you try this syntax:

const q = new Moralis.Query("MarketBuyEvents");
    q.equalTo("nftType", nftType);
    q.equalTo("tokenId", tokenId);
    const results = await q.find()

Type of problem

NftType is a numeric type

query.equalTo("nftType", Number(nftType));
query.equalTo("tokenId", tokenId);