How to update rate limit manually?


I’m using Moralis Web3Api and need to increase rate limit,
Currently, gettings this error

What’s the easiest way to update it, Does this parameter is available on dashboard to simply update the rate or Do I have to use CLI to update it?

I checked this page, but it’s confusing how and where I can send this call

Thanks in advance

you can still use the legacy admin interface: to edit faster that cloud code for now

Can you please specify how can I update it exactly?

you have to add that code in cloud code


Can anyone inform what is the maximum rate limit of Web3API per user (IP address)
Which could be updated with cloud functions?

You can set any rate limit in cloud code, you will hit your account limit after that that is 25 requests/compute units for a free flan or 60 for a pro plan

It’s bit confusing, let me explain with my example,
I’ve a dashboard that displaying statics about DAPP,
In order to get full information it makes about 30 web3API calls and currently it’s failing because of rate limit exceeds,
Am I able to set rate limit to 50 in order to load full data and will it work for 10 users if they visit website at the same time, that means 10* 30 = 300 calls at the same moment


Not sure what you want to explain with that example. You could do some caching if all the users are making same requests.

my question is that rate limit is per IP address or it’s total connections?
If my website needs 30 API requests to load dashboard, where the limit is 30 requests per minute, does it mean, that if 2 users connects website at the same time, it will fail for one user and it will load website for second user

The limits should be for all users for each type (unauthenticated, authenticated).