How to unit test Moralis API

How do you guys unit test Moralis API? I am using getNFTTransfers. I am curious in Python environment that use Pytest. Thanks!!

You can look at pytest docs for how to use it. Moralis API is similar to any other API, and you can make tests with parameters and example values for those parameters for getNFTTransfers.

To unit test Moralis API, specifically the getNFTTransfers function, in a Python environment using Pytest, you can follow these steps:

Install Dependencies:
Ensure you have the necessary dependencies installed. You’ll need pytest, requests, and any other libraries you may need for mocking or handling test data.
pip install pytest requests
Create a Test File:
Create a Python test file (e.g., where you’ll write your unit tests.

Import Dependencies:
In your test file, import the necessary dependencies and the Moralis API wrapper that you want to test.
import pytest
import requests
from your_moralis_module import MoralisAPI

Mock the MoralisAPI Object:
To isolate your tests and avoid making actual API requests, you can use a mocking library like pytest-mock to create a mock MoralisAPI object. If you don’t want to use pytest-mock, you can create a simple mock class or function.
def mock_moralis_api(mocker):
return mocker.MagicMock(spec=MoralisAPI)

In this example, we’re using pytest-mock to create a MagicMock object that mimics the MoralisAPI class.

Write Test Cases:
Write individual test cases for different scenarios. For example:
def test_get_nft_transfers_success(mock_moralis_api):
# Arrange
mock_response = {“data”: [{“transactionHash”: “abc123”}]}
mock_moralis_api.getNFTTransfers.return_value = mock_response

# Act
result = mock_moralis_api.getNFTTransfers()

# Assert
assert result == mock_response

def test_get_nft_transfers_failure(mock_moralis_api):
# Arrange
mock_moralis_api.getNFTTransfers.side_effect = requests.exceptions.RequestException()

# Act & Assert
with pytest.raises(requests.exceptions.RequestException):

In the above examples, we’re testing both success and failure scenarios. You can add more test cases as needed.

Run the Tests:
Run your tests using pytest:

Pytest will discover and run your test cases, and you’ll see the results in the console.

Review and Refine:
Review the test results, and if any test cases fail, investigate and refine your code as necessary to ensure the Moralis API wrapper behaves as expected.

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