How to transfer EBTC

I have received EBTC tokens on trust wallet through BEP20. Basically created as customer token , where I had to fill in an contract adress. How get I get this converted to BTC? And can you help?

What is the address for that EBTC smart contract on BSC? is that token in a liquidity pool?

Where can I find the adress of the smart contract?

you could try to search your address in bscscan to see the transaction that made that transfer

I have received contract adress is that what you need?

I’m not sure what you mean by contract address, but that could also be start.

When I created the token on trust wallet I got a contract adress from the person sending it to me. Had to create token see picture

can you paste that contract address?

I can but just to be sure it’s safe, because I suppose everybody can read this?

you can send me in DM too on forum

sorry what is DM? am not familiar with that