How to switch/merge different wallets for the same user

Hey community of experts!

I am new with moralis SDK, I hope that you could assist me.

end goal: allow users to connect various wallets and accounts.
I managed to merge accounts for the same wallet, i.e. metamask with the onAccountChanged +

but struggling with how to merge accounts from different wallet providers


What problems you have with different wallet provides?

thanks for prompt reply cryptokid.
to start with, I am trying to figure out how to switch to a different provider without changing the user. I tried to use authenticate method but it creates a new login and user.

You can only switch accounts within the same wallet from your main wallet. Basically you need to connect your both accounts (if you do have more than one, its fine) and simple switch between them from your main wallet. With Moralis, you can’t do this, since Moralis wallet is not a custodian wallet.

Bummer, what do you mean about custodian wallet?
What is the best way way to raise ideas with the moralis?
I would love to have this feature part of the platform.