How to stop or change IPFS URL rewrite?

When moralis retrieves IPFS URLs, it auto rewrites the gateway to How can I stop this and use my own gateway?

you can replace it after that in your application with any other IPFS prefix, you have to do a string replacement.

So no way to stop it beforehand so im rewriting “ipfs://” and not "" ?

where do you want to stop it beforehand?
where do you want to use that url?

Im using the “token_uri” to pull my metadata, not the “metadata” field in the Moralis returned object for getNFTsForContract(). I was doing this way because i would get large delays before the Moralis metadata 1st appeared, like more than a day, so I simply loaded the meta directly. The “token_uri” is what is always rewrote to “”.

ok, in this case you can replace that prefix with any other prefix from another IPFS gateway if you want to use a different gateway, you can do that before trying to access the uri