How to sign in the first connect with moralis

Hi, I using react moralis authenticate with wallet connect. The first connect with metamask only have connect wallet action. I have to go back to browser and click connect wallet again to sign message.
Have any solution for sign message on the first connect?

Hey @locpx, I think this is what you are looking for to add custom signing message when authenticating.

authenticate({ signingMessage: "Moralis Authentication" })

Hope this helps~

No, I mean when I use walletconnect on my mobile browser, I clicked connect wallet, and then I choose metamask. After click confirm connect on metamask app, I have to go back mobile browser and click login one more time, and choose metamask again -> metamask is opened and I can sign and login now.
How can I sign and login in the first click to connect wallet?

sorry not very sure, are you using metamask or wallet connect?

I use mobile browser and use wallet connect signin
Click connect and choose metamask. Can I send you private message on discord?

answered you here How to turn off sign when authenticate with moralis