How to sign data with ethers

As said in the title I wanna build a marketplace. I will need to get all the assets. Yesterday I was visting some marketplaces and they were able to make a signature request that allowed them to get all of these assets. What do I need to do to get it and what happens there in the background ?
Its just a singel request wirh a red notice

what do you mean with getting all the assets?

ah sry. I meant the method eth_sign. I mean this asset. How can I perform this with moralis or if not possible with moralis how do i do it with web3.js

What do you want to sign?

the eth of the user. I think its done with eth:sign or something as the request method.
I wanna create a marketplace and a web3 gambling website. I would need that access.

On the signing request there was like a message that said.
Signing this can be dangerous if you dont trust the website etc…

How can i make that request ?

You want to sign a transaction or a message?
There is a difference between them.

You can use Moralis.executeFunction to execute a function. You can do the same directly with web3 with .send method.

If you only want to sign a message then there is a different function in web3 or in ethers to do a personal sign how it is done for authentication.

i mean like that. How can i do that ? Do I need to make a smart contract for that ?

how can i do that. Look at the image

with ethers, to sign a message:

e = await Moralis.enableWeb3()
signer = e.getSigner()

to sign transactions you can read more here:

no you missunderstand me. The signing above in the image gives me access to the eth. I will need that access. Read the red text pls

to what eth gives you access? how does it do that?

that is a standard warning that metamask shows when you sign custom data

it allows me to trasnfer the eth without making another trasnaction. There is a method called sign_eth or eth_sign which gives me access to the eth of the users wallet. I need that for the gambling part

there isn’t a way to get access to the eth of the user wallet unless you make a transaction/transfer from that wallet to your wallet

trust me there is.
There are videos of people using it for bad stuff. I can show you a video its from twitter.

a famous nft collector got scammed that way.

this video is going around on twiiter now. Why can he do that ? That would be great ofr my gambling site. So the user has not to sign every single trasnaction

I don’t know how it is done

Can you post examples of the marketplaces that can do this. Maybe they have open sourced their contracts so you can have a look at what they’re doing.