How to setup Ganache proxy server

Hello please how do i setup ganache proxy server in my code?
@cryptokid @Yomoo

not sure what you mean

I am using windows bro, i want to setup genache server on my vscode for I clone rarible in 24 hours PART [7]

it works on windows, what problems you have on widows?
what is the connection between the proxy server and visual studio code?

This is what am seeing bro, how do i get this done? Do i need to download the frpc?
Look in the image below bro @cryptokid

yes, you need to download frpc on your system, configure it, have ganache instance running and then starting frpc on your system

How can i configure it?

you find what you should put in frpc.ini in your server details in admin interface in [Devchain Proxy Server] tab

I can’t find it bro, please help

you need a dev server to have that option, and then you go to your server settings and it will show there

How do i setup dev server?

when you created a server, you had 3 options: dev, testnet, mainnet

Oh that’s true, i will create a dev server now, thanks bro