How to set limit order?

Hi everyone,
I want to build a “limit order dapp” for Decentralized Exchanges, i don’t want to use 1inch plugin.
Is this related to Moralis cloud functions?
How can i do that?
Thanks !

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U want to use 1inch yeah. Think this video here woild be useful although its not limit order.
I could suggest looking into chainlink oracle network namely chainlink keepers which you could use to let users create an order at a specific price to get get executed when the price reaches the target.

So chainlink keeprs lets u make trigger smart contract functions so just use 1inch api to get the price amd when it matches the price set by the user then youll be able to execute your trade. Thats the outline of a possible approach anyway.

For further reading on chainlink keepers see below

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Although it may be easier to do with uniawap cos their contracts are well documented so that executing swaps programatically ia very easy once you have their contraxt addresses which again are available in their docs

Thanks for your reply, it seems perfect for me !