How to set BaseURI in ERC721 0.8.0

How do i set baseuri on ERC721 seems open zeppelin doesn’t currently support that

This was split off into a separate contract called ERC721URIStorage, because using storage in this way is expensive and we decided to make the default mechanism significantly cheaper.

I’ve seen this but it’s still not clear how to proceed, my nft’s are dynamically minted and i can’t predetermine the metadata until it’s minted, so i have to use a Base URI and then when the NFT is minted, run a script on the backend that takes the input and uploads it to my folder where i set as the base URI and then the token uri automatically becomes the BaseURI + token ID. Open zeppelin devs seem to be suggesting to upload all the files to ipfs but can’t predetermine the metadata and you can’t add more files to directory on IPFS once you’ve uploaded them

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I have the exact same issue. Did you manage to figure this one out?