How to run Moralis server on Avalanche without Front-end?

Hello everyone!

So I’m working on creating an arbitrage bot using flash swaps on Avalanche.
You can see my work here, if you’re curious:

Anyways, I managed to get it working on a basic level when deployed locally with Hardhat.
However, I’m having trouble getting it connected with a Moralis server. What am I missing?
I’ve tried following the basic example in docs, but only using the connections in an index.js file and ignoring the portion in the html part (since I’m just running it in node/command line).
I also tried just using a Speedy node, but that didn’t work either.

I did see something in docs about a moralis-admin-cli setup, but I haven’t gone down that path yet. I wanted to get some guidance before giving that one a shot.

Thanks a lot,

I don’t know exactly what you want to do with a server. Where from to connect to it?

I think I just need it for the RPC connection to blockchain for looking up other contracts, and prices from liquidity pools.
The example I was following previously to start the project, used infura for ethereum.
I’m planning to do this on Avalanche, and thought that Moralis would be best fit from some researching.

You can use the RPC url without a server. You will find the speedy nodes urls in admin interface in the tab specific to speedy nodes.