How to refresh user data in React Moralis?

I have a cloud function that adds a value to the user table. But the value is not available on React Moralis unless I log out and in again. I know that it has to do with the local cache of the user data. What I need to know is how can I refresh that data?


If you want to get real time alert when something changes in DB you need to use live-queries

Also - please note that react-moralis is not production ready and there may be some bugs, at the moment only vanilla JS SDK is production ready

Hi Ivan. Thanks.
No, I don’t need an alert, because I know I just updated the user field. But what I need to find out is how to get the local cached User Object to update with the data in the DB.

Moralis.User.currentAsync().then(function(user) {
        console.log(user);//<-- this user object is also stale

Ah use “fetch” when you want to refresh local object

You can use “dirty” and “dirtyKeys” to keep track of changed fields - see same link

If you want to know from server when something changed like an alert - use live query on User table

A quick test of Moralis.User.fetch() didn’t work. It said that it wasn’t a function.
I’ll give it another spin in a while, to see what I’m doing wrong.

Thank you!

@krb did you ever get this to work? I’m running into the exact same issue. I would expect useMoralis to rerun and get the latest user once I finish calling my cloud function using the useMoralisCloudFunction hook. Using fetch doesn’t cause the cache to update.

Hey @acorredor

I’ve checked Moralis.User.fetch() didn’t waork for me too.Currently you can use live queries. But we’ll fix the bug soon, so you can do something else, for example.

I’ll let you know when it will be fixed :raised_hands:

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It’s all good, I actually just used the onSuccess from the cloud function’s fetch method to call setEmail, which just updates the email locally. That just works for my current use case. But yeah, having a nice way to manage the user cache would be nice (with automatic updates, similar to apollo client).

Hey @acorredor

I was a little wrong. You need to use Moralis.User.current().fetch() - it works

In version 0.2.2 of react-moralis this is now possible:

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