How to recover BNB amount on wallet

Dear Support,
I’m using

$url = “” . $walletid . “/balance?chain=bsc”;

to recover amount of BNB in my wallet identified by $walletid.

The command response include only the amount of BNB on Smart Chain and not BNB coin.
Output command is: BNB 0.031592896904
Please check the image in attachment. Could somebody help me?

I think that BNB Smart Chain is the chain that has smart contracts and is EVM compatible.
The other BNB is in a separate network that is not EVM compatible.

OK, thanks for the answer.
On your point of view, is there a possibility to recover the data in such way by Moralis or Bscscan API?

I think that this is the explorer that you are looking for:

BNB Smart Chain is native BNB on BEP20 visible on pancakeswap too.
The other is native BEP2 BNB not visible on pancakeswap (of course I say).

So, maybe I’m making mistake, but why command for native value in Moralis return amount of BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) and not BNB (BEP2 native BNB chain) ?

Native BNB chain is a totally different chain compared to BNB Smart Chain, the addresses look different too on native BNB chain, like bnb1tux5s6pal7nft32qvcdgkesqw3pnfhnhky7385. Is like asking why you don’t see the native value of coin X on a chain that is not supported by Moralis.

OK, So, just to for my understanding:
Moralis supports BEP20 and not BEP2?
Is it correct?

Yes, that is correct.
Related to native, there may also be a confusion because BNB is not really a BEP20 token, it is a native currency on Binance smart chain.

Ok thanks now it’s clear for me.

My only doubt point is in which way Trust Wallet can see BNB (native) and BNB Smart Chain (native) on the same time in the same place!
I’m trying to duplicate the view of my wallet using Moralis but I’m losing the view of my BNB native coin.

The idea is to develop my own DAPP connecting to different wallet having the view, in a single place, of all token/coin bought .

You say that you want to duplicate what Trust Wallet can see on all these chains: