How to query the rate limit of speedy nodes?

Headers of moralis server response will contain fields about rate limit but how to query the rate limit of speedy nodes? I don’t find fields about rate limit in the HTTP response of speedy nodes.

Same program running in local is normal while in AWS EC2 will get 429 Too Many requests error. So I want to query the rate limit in my server to debug.

I know that you receive that data for web3api calls in headers with exact details about the limits, I don’t think that you also have that info for speedy nodes available.

Speedy nodes still return 429 too many requests error when rate limit of web3api is enough.
I get rate limit of web3api by

curl -D - \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \
  -H 'X-API-Key: API-Key'

I mean, I don’t think that we have detailed realtime info about the usage for speedy nodes.

I think I figure out the reason after enabling debug log of web3. Normal in local because the latency is bigger thus result lesser requests. There isn’t 429 error after I reducing request frequency.