How to push objets inside array without replace it Moralis DB

Hi, i’m having an issue, i’m making a contact system and when i click on “Add contact” i get his data but the problem is coming when i try to add another contact, it replaces the old contact. I can 't add 2, 3 or 4 contacts at once inside this array, only 1, i want to know how i can do to fix this problem, here a snippet of my code

        <form onSubmit={async (e)=>{
                user.set("friendslist", [specificFriend]);

This state of “specificFriends” return a promise with the exact user when the other user click on “Add contact”example

But how i said, when i try to add another contact the old contract is replaced for the new one

Here you have to get current list, add the new element to the list and then set the new list with all the elements.