How to pass options to Fiat Plugin

I want to add options like
defaultCrypto: 'ETH'
to{}, { disableTriggers: true })

I can’t find out the right format to use, just passing them in the first object doesn’t work.
I can add url params myself as a workaround, but I’m sure we can set options through the plugin.

    coin: 'usdc',
    receiver: '0x...',


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works thanks!
but do you have docs on the mapping you used? I want to set Color, and maybe want to use defaultCrypto instead of onlyCryptos (which is mapped to your ‘coin’ option).

Wondering why you don’t use the same options as OnRamper, prob because you want to generalize the api to swap out providers in the future?

ah we dont have any options for color etc
we will check what we can add :slight_smile: