How to Metamask with Wallet Connect in a desktop as well

this piece of code

          <button onClick={() => authenticate({
            mobileLinks: [

the above code show metamask in mobile BUT NOT in desktop view why?

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You. An try to scan that QR code on desktop with MetaMask

like I should us phone app to do
but my question is to use can login with MM if it is install in a desktop or they can chose others

You can use MetaMask directly if you want on desktop, without wallet connect

but Yeh the question is I want to provider user with all the available options

something like this mobile view

You can handle both cases: use wallet connect or directly MetaMask.

I try to build a DApp which must support all wallets supported by moralis

How thatโ€™s possible
when I try above code it is not showing me the option for MM

There is different code to authenticate directly with MetaMask or with wallet connect. You can add two buttons for authentication. The more complicated part is how to write that code so that it remembers what method was used for authentication when you want to use later enableWeb3

I donโ€™t see a problem in what you see there. Usually you donโ€™t use the desktop wallet connect with an installed application from desktop. Usually you use it with a mobile device that scans that QR code.