How to manually remove users from DB


So I noticed sth weird. Once I remove a user from a DB, the DB doesn’t fully… sync? So I can do Moralis.authenticate() with a new account. Then I can delete the user with:

Then the user shouldn’t be in the DB anymore. However when I register again I keep getting these errors:

And then the authentication is finished, the new user looks like this:

Notice that the accounts array is then empty, while other fields get populated with some default values.

So my question is:

  1. Is removing users from DB a safe operation?
  2. How can I refresh the DB to start clean again? I tried to reset the server but it didn’t help. Should I just delete the server and create a new one?

if you delete a user from User table you also have to delete it from _EthAddress table

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Thank youuuuu! :grin: