How to manipulate multiple responses to make calculations?

I need to know if I can get the balance of a certain token (not all) directly with api.

My other doubts are on the line comment!

import React from “react”;

import useAxios from “use-axios-client”;

import tokenContractAbi from “…/…/app/abi”;

const InfoContract = ({ MoralisAPI }) => {

const dataABI = JSON.stringify(tokenContractAbi);

const config = {

ssrData: MoralisAPI,

method: "post",

url: `url..url...MoralisServer`,

headers: {

  accept: "application/json",

  "X-API-Key": "APIkeyMoralis",

  "Content-Type": "application/json",


data: dataABI,


//I need to multiply the value of one request with another and render this value already multiplied in the element being exported

const { data, error} = useAxios(config);

return (


  {error && <div></div>}

  {data && (

    <pre>{JSON.parse(data /**I need the data here from a second request, and to know if that would work too.*/ / 10 ** 36, undefined, 2).toFixed(2)} CAKE</pre>





const dividendsPerShare = ({ MoralisAPI }) => (


<InfoContract MoralisAPI={MoralisAPI} />



// this element is already being rendered in the app but I need the response from another request to multiply by this value.

export default dividendsPerShare;Preformatted text

For the first question, I think that for now you’ll have to filter the api response for a particular token.
For the second question, maybe you can save the first request response in a html element or in a global variable, or in browser local storage (assuming that I got the question right)