How to make Moralis MetaMask authenticate work in safari

Hi There,

First of all: many credits for all the amazing work you’ve guys done! Really love the project.

My name is Bart, independent software developer and exploring the richness of blockchain technology!

I’m working on an app (PWA) using vuejs + ionic framework. Users can verify their BSC address through MetaMask using the Moralis.authenticate() function. In Chrome this works awesome. MetaMask extension is being activated and I can sign the request. So far so good.

When using it in safari on an iPhone, nothing happens. I’m not sure if this is even possible? I would like NOT to use WalletConnect.

Is it possible to let Moralis activate my installed MetaMask app and do the sign from there?

My code looks like:

import Moralis from 'moralis';
Moralis.serverURL = 'server'

Then, in my vuejs component I have the follwing method:

authenticateAddress() { 
    await Moralis.authenticate({
        signingMessage:"Authenticating for AppName",
    }).then((user) => {

Any help is much appreciated!


You could use your application from the browser that is integrated in MetaMask on your phone, wallet connect is the next option.