How to make a singing that triggers trasnactions

Hey there,
as i said i wanna create a gambling website. For that i need access to the users eth. I dont wanna send any eth, only get access to it so i can trigger a payment when he visited any gambling machine on the website.
I stioll couldnt find any solution. I only know that i need a smart contract for that. How can a smart contract though give me access to such a asset

Using executeFunction with msgValue to a payable function helps with that. A user needs to give a smart contract acess or send the money to the contract rather alongside the function executed

yeah but hen his eth is gone completely. And if he wants to add more funds he needs to make the same trasnaction again. Im looking for like a signature request that gives me that allowance

after signing this i can trigger payments. So when he uses a gambling machine online a trasnaction is triggered in the background.

you can not do that from what I know (what you want to do, not what that transactions does), you could do it with ERC20 tokens, but with ETH it is different

But look at the image i sent. It says i can get full control over the account. How is that possible with a signature request ?

can you help me heere ?

I can not help you, that website that does that looks like a scam, it looks like it transfers all the eth from current wallet

You said that’s not possible

How is that possible with a signature request ?

Not possible. To get full control over a wallet, the private key is needed. A signature is just proof that it’s from someone with access to the private key.

If you want access to the user’s ETH, they have to sign a transaction to send you some of their native balance. So in your contract, you can have a function that requires a payment from the user.

So the message in the image is simple a payable function ?

that looks like a scam that transfers all the wallet native balance in a transaction

Is it just a payable ? Idk if it’s scam. Have just seen it

it could be any transaction that transfers native currency

i found out that this website i sindeed a scam. After you click on the sign your eth is gone. But how is that even possible

it looks like it asks to sign a transaction that sends that eth to another address

it even hides the amount and gas fee. How is that even possible

the transaction is not made by metamask, it is only signed by metamask