How to link a Solana address when logged in as a ETH account via MetaMask

As described in the topic.

Are you able to link a soma address in other way?

Sorry I’m quite new in the field. Not sure what is a soma address.
What I want to achieve is that once I’m logged in using MetaMask, I need a way to connect with my Phantom wallet and sign the message. But I did not see how to trigger the Phantom account connection popup once you’re already logged in. And does Moralis provide a way to retrieve the connected Phantom wallet address or do I have to use traditional web3 API?

It was a typo, I wanted to say solana. Using the wallet for a transaction should be different from authenticating with it. You should be able to use it without authenticating with it, like making transactions.

I don’t have experience with solana to tell you exactly how it should work in that case.

Does this work for triggering a Phantom login? E.g. try running it after you’re logged in with MetaMask.

Phantom (Solana) - Moralis

If I remember it correctly, Moralis.authenticate() always trigger Moralis.logout() first before login to another account. And this does not meet my need which is link a SOL address while keep logged in via MetaMask.

My need is link wallets across chains like ETH, SOL and so on. And also, if I want to link a new account via WalletConnect while logged in via MetaMask, is there any document or thread about that?

what exactly do you mean by linking wallets across chains?

Link addresses on ETH/EVM and SOL and so on to a single Moralis account. I’ve checked that when change active account in MetaMask, it can trigger the event and I can link the new account via Moralis. But how should I achieve same goal when I want to link my ETH account with a Solana account in Phantom? And in the document it says:

Normally a user has more than one Ethereum address.

Does this mean at the moment does not support link account on chains other than ETH/EVM?

it looks like there is .link functionality in code for Solana: