How to lazy-mint 10k NFTs from an IPFS Link?

I want to use the Rarible Plugin from Moralis and lazymint 10k nfts from a folder uploaded to IPFS? How could I be able to do this?

you need first to upload those files to IPFS, you can not do that with Moralis IPFS (to upload 10k nfts in same folder), but you can look on other IPFS providers in order to do it

I have already uploaded. I just want to use the link like ipfs/xyz/1.png to ipfs/xyz/10000.png so that it can be lazy minted.

what you mean by this? you don’t know the link already if they are already uploaded to IPFS?

I already know the link. It was an example. Mine is ipfs:/QmRp3iGT9Ukysm5UeQGGYPWYztzLAgQrafZjmktq5JTKJz/1.png to 1000.png. I have the Metadata ready in a 1000 json files named similarly. I just want to lazy-mint all 1000 which I cannot do manually.