how to increase the speed of event processing?

my smart contract generates a lot of events (when active, one user generates about 200 events per minute)
as they occur, they are successfully added to the event table, but very slowly

I connected the pro-plan, but the result did not improve …

I think with horror that when several users work at the same time, a huge queue of events not added to the table will accumulate …
how to speed up this process?

can you try to use a nitro server? every new created server is a nitro server now, events should sync faster in a nitro server

I have done it today… (created new server)

and you have same delay problem for events on that server?

an upgraded server may help in speeding up that event sync

yes, the process is slow… adding 1000 events takes 5-10 minutes

it shouldn’t take so much time for 1k events, maybe there are some factors like it is a free server with a big database

what is “big” database?

1 million + records in a table can be a big database

it’s not my case
how can i make sure my server has the correct settings?

What do you mean by correct settings?

Can you also paste your server url?

  • “What do you mean by correct settings?” -
    maybe any parameters…

server url:

that one looks like a free nitro server on testnet with a table with 17k events and another table with 14k events. also no users on that server

when you go to production you should also get an upgraded server with more CPU power

I see a delay of ~4 minutes between block timestamp and updated time, that is not what you should expect when you get to production on mainnet