How to hide a information with moralis query


I want to hide some information from users in Moralis query. During a query, users can access the ids of other users. I don’t want this to happen.

I have data like this:

parent:{id:“bla bla bla”},
otherdatas:[“bla bla bla data”]
parent:{id:“bla2 bla2 bla2”},
otherdatas:[“bla bla bla data”]

I don’t want to show the parent id to the user.

I’m not sure yet what you mean, you want to hide a column from a table?

I want to hide a column yes. But only for queries.

You can try to look on how to use protected fields

Is this for database? Classes? I want to hide some information when system response clients

That is a setting in dashboard. You can also use a cloud function that returns ably the info that you want and uses master key

I use cloud func. I want to delete some data in array before data recieve client.How to do ?

You can use to include only specific column for that query

@zfiratselim can you elaborate more on what you are trying to do? and why you want to delete data at specific condition/occasion?