How to get NFT Token Metadata

How can we get NFT token metadata when we are using NFTOwners?
There is no metadata info. This is ridiculous.

Hi, can you give more details about this problem?

Moralis currently doesn’t add metadata to the DB automatically. But NFT tables have the token_uri filed - it’s a link to fetch the metadata. You can fetch it manually, for example using cloud code.

I have ipfs link, now I want NFT token using this link what to do ?

you should give more info, I don’t know what you mean

My main work, if I upload image then I should get NFT token for that image, so first I tried to get IPFS link which I got.
So, now using this link I want to get NFT token for that image.

If you upload a data to ipfs , and also the metadata, you’ll have to mint it through a contract to get back a token, if I get what you mean

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ok thanks for clarification