How to get NFT Created by an Account/Address

Hi, is there any way that Moralis could get all NFTs that is created by an Address? Like this one provided by NFTPort:

What you mean by nfts created by an address? You can get the list of nfts for an eth address or for a contract address.

@cryptokid I understand that now we can get NFTs that is OWNED by an address (

What I need is to get all NFTs that is CREATED by an address. So that an NFT creator can still see all the NFTs they have created even though it’s already sold to other people.

Ok, got it, like the list of first owner for the nfts for a smart contract. I don’t think that we have this now, maybe you could process the transactions for an nft, but it will not be optimal.

You can propose this on roadmap.

Exactly, yea I don’t see in any Moralis documentation.

How to propose in roadmap? Can you share me a link to it?

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