How to get live verified contracts inn bscscan

I want live verified contract code from bscscan can anyone guide me in python

Hi @ShahJahan

Do you want to verify your contract or do you want to fetch a verified contract from bscScan?

Take a look at

I visited many times there but there is saying get verified contract code by entering contract code first, but I want all latest upcoming verified contract codes.
Is there any sloution

Doesn’t seem they have such endpoint there. I only found one which returns ABI in case it was verified

But it says first enter the address, I want Like that ( all, whenerver new one comes

Well that’s quite tough and resource intensive, but that means every time a new block is added, you need to check on each transaction whether there is a contract deployed to the blockchain

can we seperate out recently verified contract block number and get info from there

I don’t thinks so automatically, you need to determine it manually coz the block doesn’t care much where a contract is deployed and which isn’t, it’s just going to add block when the transaction is final and you need to determine which transaction in which block a contract deployment occured

you could get the list of all smart contracts that get deployed if you want, you’ll have to do that processing yourself, you can process the transactions from every block, or listen for an event specific to contract creation