How to get list token allowance by web3

Hi guys,
I have using for check allowance, How to can get list spenders of all tokens in my wallet as that sites by web3js,
Thanks for help

I donโ€™t know how you can do that without checking all the transactions made for those token contracts in order to be able to compute the allowances.

as you wish, I will check all transactions of all that tokens, if those has approve method, that tokens has allowance, but that workaround is a bit complicated, i want a simple method

I donโ€™t know a simple method with moralis api now

I run a code :
const transactions = await Moralis.Web3API.account.getTransactions();
above code return a error as image
I dont know why itโ€™s error while I run code
It is ok! and all other Moralis API is ok!
Moralis api for account getTransactions is error, can you help me?

what was the request that was made in payload?


it seems morali do not post user authenticated with api

there should be no authentication required for web3api calls

from server logs it looks like the requests have this params: "params":{"_SessionToken":null}

so sorry, i have add incorrect server key in my code, thank for help! Its worked!