How To Get Historical Total Dollar Value of Account (Eth+Erc20)

For my DeFi app, I want to make a graph of historical dollar balance for any user account.
Is that possible through any of the Moralis Api?

To be more precise, I am interested in recreating the graph on the link below.
I am interested only in the Blue Line, which is the total net worth of all account holdings, at any past time.

It is not super easy, you will have to get how much eth and how many tokens an address had at moment x, then to get the price of every asset at moment x (this is usually done by specifying a block number), and then you compute the net worth for moment x

Thanks. I get it.
Would you be able to list down the names of which of the Moralis api would help in the following tasks. I’ll read up on them thereafter. Tasks:

  1. Api to get “ALL” erc20 token “BALANCES” as of a particular Blocknumber
  2. Api to get a particular erc20 token “PRICE” as of a particular Blocknumber
  3. Is there any api to get the speed of block generation (for example, something that tells me 1day = 500 blocks or 1000 blocks)

the documentation can be found here: