How to get data from the webhook response

Hi, I have a link of webhook:
I catched it, but I don’t know how to receive the data that the moralis post to my webhook.
Please help me, thank you!

Usually you have to read the post data that was sent

I don’t know the data that moralis post.
I create a webhook for afterSave event.

Can you post your code?

Here it is:
I want to have the data off the event “afterSave”
the api to receive data:

ok, what do you receive on your server in this case?

I want to receive the full data. But I don’t know the type/struct of data that the event send to my server.

I would expect it to send json data format in POST data

Or how I can receive an event of smart contract without sync to your db?
I use your link (like that: wss://…/ws), you charged my ~ 29$ :smile:
But some time we miss some data.
I got this issue some time: " 1. websocket: close 1006 (abnormal closure): unexpected EOF". We have to restart our service, that why we lost/miss some event logs.
my code, error at the line: fmt.Println(“err sub:”, err)

you could try ​/{address}​/logs from
or you could let it sync in Moralis server db and read it by connecting directly to mongo db from your local system

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