How to get data for charting? Moralis speedy nodes kinda slow

await myContract.getPastEvents('Transfer', {

            filter: { address: address}, // Using an array means OR: e.g. 20 or 23

            fromBlock:  13444120,

            toBlock: 'latest'

        }, function(error, events){ })


            console.log("%j", events); // same results as the optional callback above


Hello sirs, idk what to do from here. this is using bsc chain.

if I scan from 0, it crashes on me. plz help. I can get latest block for the entire chain, then reduce and look until I find a block for that address. I am new to web3.

My entire approach may be wrong. plz advise

on poo coin they use

if that address doesn’t have too many transfers, like less than 100k transfers, you could sync those transfers in your Moralis server db:

or you could sync a specific event:

hmm ok so you’re saying these sites like dextools and poo coins are saving the results on their db?

that is what I would expect them to do, at least to have a db from where to show the information

ok… i found this, do u know how to call this function from the contract ABI? I am getting error no function found when trying to call

 const ll =


i think that function will give me block #, and I just call for each block ? idk cant even call that function says not found

I don’t really understand what this syntax should do:

you can call a read only function that you have in the smart contract with .call syntax.

ahhh that function records all transfer events from now onwards and emits it to client, so thats one problem solved. now i need to fetch past events without scanning entire block in n time for each request

You can also sync past events in your Moralis server db, if there are not hundreds of thousands of events.