How To Get 1inch Token List with react-moralis?

Hey guys,

I’m building my dApp with the react-moralis package & have just installed the 1inch plugin to my Moralis server. I’m following the example in npm react-moralis to try & get all supported tokens by 1inch but was hit with this error:

'useOneInchTokens' is not defined

If the examples in the official npm package page doesn’t work then what is the correct way to get all supported tokens with react-moralis?

Version of npm packages being used:
"moralis": "^0.0.132"
"react": "^17.0.2"
"react-moralis": "^0.2.8"

Hey @Lime

You need to have at least 0.3.1 react-moralis version

I see, alright, I’ll try to update the npm package. Thanks!